Lauraine McIntosh

Lauraine McIntosh - singer and backing vocalist


Lauraine Mcintosh was singing lead vocals with the British soul and reggae band The Cool Notes when the UK soul explosion started during the late 70’s and went on to have massive success throughout the 80’s.

It was during the 80’s that Lauraine started to be in demand with many of the country’s top producers to lay down backing vocals on many top hits and was featured as lead vocal on the highly successful “Don’t make me wait” with Bomb The Bass, it was also during this time that Lauraine began touring as a backing singer as well as laying down vocals in the studio.

Lauraine has continued to be in demand for live performances touring all over the world with the biggest names within the music industry, including Rod Stewart, Andy Williams, Jamiroquai, Mary J Blige, Beverly Knight, Richard Ashcroft, James Morrison, The Lighthouse Family, Shalamar, The James Taylor Quartet, Lyndon David Hall, Alisha Dixon, The Braxtons, Shapeshifters, Lionel Richie, Carlene Anderson and The Streets to name a few.

Lauraine has also sung backing vocals for her son Bradley Mcintosh from S Club 7, on the track ‘I Will Find You’.

Lauraine has also recorded under the name ‘Little L’, including the track ‘Afrotino’ with Derrick Mckenzie.

Today Lauraine is still in demand and is regarded to be one of the most respected and professional people within the music industry.

Lauraine is proud to support the following charities

motor neutrone disease association (mnda)cancer research uk

Lauraine Mcintosh - singer and backing vocalist biography